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    I'm looking to do a little media distribution in my house and believe the Windows 7 will give me the ability to do what I want, but I'm not sure whether I want to use media center or media player or some combo of the two. Here's what I want to do.

    I have my media sitting on a windows home server and I want to play it in another room of my house. One option is to use another PC with media center at the place where I want to play it and let that run through the TV, but I really hate the idea of being forced to turn my TV on just to pick what music I want to listen to, this seems overkill. So what I had in mind was a PC with a touch screen that I could wall mount. This would allow me to browse media using the touch interface. The next thing becomes how to control the media from other places in the house. What I really like is the ability in media player to do the "Play To" thing, this is great, because I could if I wanted to keep the PC that's close to the amp and TV headless with no display and remote control it from any other PC in the house. My only problem is that then I loose the 10 ft interface of media center.

    Any thoughts on being able to do a remote media center session from any other PC, so I'd like to be able to mount a big 20" touchscreen PC (like an HP Touchsmart) on the wall in my kitchen and use the touch interface to control the media center by the TV. If I could do this from any PC, then I could in theory do this from any PC device in the house.

    Thoughts on how I could pull this off would be welcome.


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