1. P

    Windows 10 Remote File Manager, from phone etc.

    Hi Is there an program for Windows 10 that gives me a way to work with files remotely? In the way that if I start an file operation, it will finnish it without me staying connected. Like in the Qfile app for Qnap nas, if you start copy of a big file, you don't have to stay connected for it to...
  2. saschaluescher

    Audio on a remote Windows Server?

    Hello :) I have a Windows Server 2019 without direct access, so i can only control it remotely. The Server doesn't has a sound card or anything to make sounds, but i need to have audio on this server in order to have music in my live stream which i outsourced on this particular server. So i...
  3. A

    Windows 10 access remote computer user list

    Hello everybody, I need to set permission on a shared folder on a remote computer on my network. In the said action, I need to add a local user of that computer to the user list. I know that computer's local users' names but cannot add them. Looks like I don't have permission from that computer...
  4. M

    Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection Will Not Connect (windows 7 and 8)

    Here is my issue and I hope that anyone can help. We have a local domain running through a windows 2012 server. We have migrated our quick books to an external company. They are also running 2012. They issued some of our users that still need access to quick books a login and sent them a RDP...