Remote Desktop Connection Will Not Connect (windows 7 and 8)

Here is my issue and I hope that anyone can help.
We have a local domain running through a windows 2012 server. We have migrated our quick books to an external company. They are also running 2012.
They issued some of our users that still need access to quick books a login and sent them a RDP file to connect.
The issue that we are having is that some can connect and other it keeps telling us that, "The credentials that were used to connect to company name did not work please enter new credentials."
I know that the credentials are correct. Here is a list of what is working and not working
(NOTE: all IP's were verified from an external website):

User A (desktop) is Same IP (windows 7 pro not working)
User A (laptop) is Same IP (windows 8.1 Pro not working)
User B (desktop) is Same IP (windows 7 pro not working)
User C (desktop) is Same IP (windows 7 pro not working)
User D (laptop) is Different IP then the rest (windows 8 Home not working)

User E (desktop) is Same IP (windows 7 pro WORKING)
User F (server) is Same IP (windows 2012 R2 Standard WORKING)
User G (laptop) is Different IP (windows 8.1 pro WORKING)
User H (surface) is different IP (windows 10 WORKING)

I have checked the port settings on each one individually to no avail, all of them do have administrative user credentials for that unit. All are up to date on updates and I have checked the firewall settings on each also.
Thank you for any help ahead of time that you may be able to provide.


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Usually the error message is going to be correct so I would double-check with the vendor that the credentials supplied are correct.
  • Is each user given a unique RDP file or do they all use the same credentials?
  • For a user that can login, can you try those credentials on a machine that can't connect and rule out the box
  • Any IP specific ACLs on a firewall blocking certain devices?
You could also wireshark on a box that is having issues. You can PM me the pcap file if you like but be aware username and IPs will be in this file so definitely don't post it publicly. Basically you should at least see the TCP handshake complete to rule out a connection or firewall issue.

Yes I have tried multiple users that can connect on all of the machines that are not allowing connections. No matter what the user I attempt it still will not connect. It is the same RDP file, and then it prompts for the user login. I have even gone to the point for testing purposes of turning of the firewall on each machine.


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Are you using Windows firewall or another product or nothing?

Windows Firewall nothing secondary.


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If you go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing which network profile are these using that do not work.

most are domain one is private


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I would verify RDP (port 3389) is allowed out on those machines in the firewall policy. The wireshark dump would help a lot to troubleshoot. You could test with a dummy account and wireshark that so we can at least see what is going on with the connection.


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Couple of questions for you, on User D running Win8 Home; that won't work as only the Pro client versions of W7 & W8 will work on a Server 2012 domain login. RDP is not supported.

Also, are the client workstations physically located at your external company (the ones running the QuickBooks) connected to the 2012 server via VPN? If not, how are they connecting from their location to your location where the 2012 server is? How fast is the connection at that location? specs would be nice. If this isn't being done, and the external company is using QB 2013 or newer and posting financial transactions to a bank, and you're not using VPN in addition to 2-step verification you'll likely fail external security Audits and the Bank & Intuit will put a hold on all transactions to the bank especially if you're doing credit card transactions.o_O Even if you're able to resolve those Client connection issues, you may have problems down the road when they or you have to upgrade to QB 2016 on W10.:headache: If I misunderstand, and the 2012 server is physically located at the external company, you can interconnect your 2 domains, or make theirs or yours the master, but if you are not running a separate physical server at the external company location, you may not be able to resolve your client connection problems easily or at all.

Good luck!:encouragement:

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