i scan my PC with memtest86+ and he show to me 445 errors:(
can i fix it or i need kick the rams?

Did you run it with all the RAM sticks in? If so, take them all out but one and re-run the test. Do this for all your RAM sticks. This way you'll find the bad stick of RAM. Once it does, then toss it and get a new one.

hmm i placed it one by one and its did not show errors enymore ..
have a 1gx4 a-data ddr2 u-dimm rams on gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 motherboard.

It could have been that the RAM sticks where not properly seated all the way.

That mobo is almost like mine; GA-MA790X-DS4.

I'm not sure what a 1gx4 a-data DDR2 u-dimm is. I think the manufacturer is A-DATA which OK but the rest is confusing me.

Here's your mobo....

Here's your RAM....

you think this rams
a-data 1gb 800mhz ddr 2 ad2u800b1g6-s
does not meet the requirements with my moterboard?
thanks for nice rame page :)

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