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Some have a tough time w/ change & acting accordingly in a timely manner when change does come. So fair warning... the date is April 8th for Messenger ending. It is being replaced by Skype. Right now, installing Skype & signing in to it w/ a Microsoft Acc't lets both Messenger Contacts & Skype Contacts be listed. You might consider switching over to Skype before the 11th hour.

There is a Skype APP in the MS Store. There is, also, still, Skype for Windows (Desktop) found @ Free Skype internet calls and cheap calls to phones online - Skype

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Does my msn id appears in Skype when I logged in, otherwise all this process is meaningless. I have lots of contacts in it and use MSN messenger on a daily basis.


Simply sign in to Skype using your Microsoft acc't... your Microsoft E-mail & P/W. Skype will (then) have all your Messenger & Skype contacts. It, also, will offer an ability to view Messenger contact, Skype contacts, both (ALL) contacts, just those (currently) On Line.

You lose no contacts & will, henceforth, use Skype on a daily basis.

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