Metro Screen Right Clicking

I haven't been updating my windows for a while so decided to do it today. However when I finished the latest one, I was met by this:

Is it meant to do this? What can I do to get rid of this?


Sorry for being unclear or posting in the wrong area.


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Meant to do what ?
Your screenshot shows nothing unusual to me. That is a Win 8.1.1 Start screen. Right click at an app will give you those options.

Is this post just another version of the other post.....
If yes, please make sure ...... one question, one post.
Thank you.

No. What it normally does when I right click is have all the options pop up along the bottom. I have never seen this menu other than in desktop mode. Sorry if I'm explaining this badly.

In this persons metro, they have the options at the bottom... :confused:


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You have Windows 8.1 Update 1 installed.
What you see in your Start screen is the current version.

The " this person's metro " is the old version, prior to Update 1.

Ok thanks. Have just been doing some updating so that explains it. Shame though. How do I close a post? Or don't I? Do I just leave it? Sorry. :)


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We cannot "close" a thread.
If you are done with it. Just "walk away".
If you are satisfied with my reply/answer, there is a " Best Answer " button at the bottom of each reply.
You can click it to indicate your acceptance of the reply.
You are not obligated to do so.

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