Microphone Monitor

So, I have an issue I'm trying to figure right now. I just recently bought a USB Headset for clearer recording of my voice when talking to others. However, I'm often using two computers: my main Desktop with Windows 7, and my Laptop with Windows Vista. Often, I'll play a game on my Windows 7 computer while talking to someone on my Vista computer. However, I like to hear game sounds, etc... so I bought a male splitter that allowed me to grab sound inputs from both computers.

Unfortunately, this solution doesn't work with the headset, since it's USB.

I decided I would try running a male extension cable from my Windows 7 computer to my Windows Vista laptop's mic jack. Genius, right? I was then going to go to the Listen tab and select to Listen to my Mic.

Only one problem. Windows Vista doesn't seem to have a "Listen to this device" option. I can't find it anywhere!

Just to be certain I plugged my USB headset into my Windows 7 computer, opened up the properties on it, and, sure enough, the listen tab was there with "Listen to this device" as a checkbox option. But, when I plugged it back into my laptop, the very same headset no longer had the feature.

Now, what I actually WANT to listen in to is the sound from the mic jack. But I did this to confirm that it was different across the system, and not something related to the hardware manufacturer.

Windows Vista does have the Stereo Mix listed as a Recording Device, unlike my Windows 7. I enabled it, but I can't get it to do what I want to do either.

Any options?

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