Microsoft Announces Changes for Third Party Antivirus Products on Windows 10


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Recently Microsoft and Kaspersky met to hash out their differences re' Windows 10.
Kaspersky as well as others are unhappy about not getting the same level of exposure relating to their operation, use, and status on the OS.

As from the Fall Creators Update Microsoft are to make changes:

Here is a list of those changes:

-- We will work more closely with AV vendors to help them with compatibility reviews in advance of each feature update becoming available to customers. This means customers can expect we will have worked through compatibility issues with AV providers before offering the update to customers running that AV.

-- We will give AV partners better visibility and certainty around release schedules for feature updates. This includes increasing the amount of time AV partners will have to review final builds before the next Windows 10 feature update is rolled out to customers.

-- We will enable AV providers to use their own alerts and notifications to renew antivirus products before and after they have expired.

-- We have modified how Windows will inform users when their antivirus application has expired and is no longer protecting them. Instead of providing an initial toast notification that users could ignore, the new notification will persist on the screen until the user either elects to renew the existing solution or chooses to rely on Windows Defender or another solution provider.
Microsoft Announces Changes for Third Party Antivirus Products on Windows 10