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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by ObsidianShocker, Nov 6, 2009.

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    in my opinion sadly the only thing you will experience from microsoft hotline is a waste of your time, and / or money.

    my reasons were based on the following. i was transferred to three different reps, each of which i was asked my full name, phone number, email, edition of windows and reasons for calling. i was really feeling like a broken record repeating myself. and i feel that microsoft being the leader in technoligy should at the very least have some sort of logging computer system so the customer isn't left feeling like a poor sob who's just been jerked around by some employees who are left in the dark, or plainly just dont care about you.

    after a 20 min phone call verifying my name number microsoft edition,was put on holds 3 times and disconnected once, they finaly got to asking some questions.

    my problem was this, i had installed windows 7 64 bit edition and validated it successfully then i updated my intel dp35dp's mobo with the most recent bios install. my computer crashed. i did a bios recovery, windows loaded up fine.
    and then to my dismay my windows cd key was showing as invalid. so i called the toll free number where they told me that i would have to pay 65$ for a computer technition to walk me through the validation process. if i was to go through microsoft.

    after having been extremely pissed off, i nearly hung up on the woman telling her that this was unacceptable and outrageous
    now, calm again i had a look at the clock. 12am not the right time. so i switched it and retried to validate. and ..... it worked no problems.

    i am extremely disatisfied with the customer service reps who treated me like i was a thief or dumbass, with a credit card.
    thank you windows technoligy has failed us, as do your customer reps.
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    Sorry to hear you got messed about... I guess the moral of the story is to learn to trust yourself a bit more as it was you who eventually sorted it... [​IMG]

    Cool nic by the way..

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