Microsoft Edge Sound Issues

Joshua Bowman

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I switched to Microsoft Edge recently and while watching YouTube I got a loud static like noise blared into my ears every time I paused/played the video. Please help me I would love to use Microsoft Edge, but if I cant fix this problem I'm going to have to move back to google chrome. (T-T)


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Hi and welcome to the forum
I've seen this particular problem before on both facebook and YouTube; some videos are intentionally designed to do that in order to grab your attention and play them. They will never work properly. Sometimes those weird videos contain viruses/malware.:pirate: If your other browsers such as Chrome or IE11 are playing the videos Ok; it could simply be settings in your Edge. I suggest you do a reset on Edge or use a safe program such as CCLEANER from PIRIFORM.COM to delete the cookies. Often this will resolve the problem.:up:

If your Edge still doesn't work after trying these things, it's likely it's one of the new viruses that are specifically designed to attack the Edge browser as now about 400 million people are running W10 according to Microsoft--and those computers all have Edge on them. They are ripe for virus/malware attack.:alien: I suggest you use whatever AV program you have running, make sure you update it first and scan/remove all found viruses. Next, visit MALWAREBYTES.ORG and download the free Malwarebytes antispyware program and scan/remove all found spyware viruses. Finally, visit TRENDMICRO.COM and check for Rootkits/Bootkits with the free ROOTKITBUSTER. Reboot your computer and retest your videos with Edge. If they not play correctly, you had viruses/malware infecting your computer and once removed your videos should play normally!:fdance:

Best of luck,:encouragement: