Windows 7 Microsoft has a pull date for the Win7 release candidate


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Microsoft has a pull date for the Win7 release candidate
August 15, 2009 > Have you been putting off that Win7 RC download? Get on the stick, because the end is nearing. Microsoft expects to release Windows 7 to manufacturing in July, and the company announced on Tuesday that it will pull the download off of its servers on August 15.
By the way, here's something you may only see right here and nowhere else in your life...not even if you own the thing: It's Windows 7's retail package, which Microsoft unveiled last night. It's a little plainer looking than Vista's, but it keeps the "dog-eared" look on one corner. Dozens upon dozens of folks will rush to their retail software outlets to get their hands on one. (You wonder just how many operating systems are sold in boxes any more.)

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Thanks for the info gws :D

Why buy Windows physically any more! unless you don't have broadband , you can buy it legally online (for much less, if you know where to look) download it and get the key.

See to me waste of packaging,storing,shipping... etc.

And even more easily, you can get it illegally if you know where to look and what to click ;)

Not that I would ever do that nor do I encourage it! :)

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