Microsoft Office 2013 Video Review

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    Windows 8 Forums takes a detailed look at the Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus suite and what its subtle advantages are in comparison to Office 2010 and Office 2007. A presentation of Office 365 will be brought online as a supplemental video. See in comparison to Microsoft Office 2010 at: Microsoft Office 2010 Introduction and Review - YouTube
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    Very nice review. I am already grab the full version of MS Office 2013. Simply awesome :D
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    Cool review.

    I've been using it a while and like it apart from the tepid colouring scheme.
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    This is a great review video and helped me better understand Office 2013. I made a post on your channel and gave you thumbs up on youtube. The only thing I did notice though is your audio and video are not synced for example when you say something related to video it happens about 10 to 15 seconds later on screen. If you separate the audio and video track in Camtasia you can adjust alignment to sync audio and video better. Overall I still enjoyed the video so know that I am grateful and hope that you do reviews in the near future on Microsoft Office products.

    My other suggestion is that you download audacity and add a desser plugin and extract audio from future videos and remove the strong "S" sounds that your mic is picking up. I'm assuming you have some kind of Condensor microphone because I have one and had the same problem. If you have any questions on the audio stuff just let me know.

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