microsoft office for android, mixed results and feelings

Ralph Bromley

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I've been using my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 as my primary device in recent months as opposed to my desktop As I am trying to embrace the mobile age and one of the things that I'm a little bit disappointed in is that a lot of its office apps are not too good with a lot of catches like subscriptions and pay on basis and I'm not a big fan of that if a office app is going to cost money it should say so right in the description and sadly Microsoft Office on Android is pretty much the same thing but the same time it is actually one of the better office suites on Android due to its functionality. On one hand though I'm not a fan of subscription based services unless it's something like Netflix or Hulu there is no reason for this kind of model on a Office application and by the time you get done what the math it adds up more than what office usually is on Windows it's a crying shame to be honest with you. it is like having the school bully beat you up for lunch money and yet they are a millionaire it's no fun for the consumer and yet Microsoft Office for Android is one of the better products out there. still I feel there are better office alternatives for Android users like Kingsoft WPS office which has many of the same features that Microsoft Office has but no strings attached I mean I do not begrudge Microsoft on wanting to make money but adding things up in the long term there is big money involved far more then even the most expensive offering that Microsoft has for its office suite