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I am currently using Microsoft security essentials as an Anti-virus software. Is this sufficient or do I need another anti-virus such as Bitdefender, Macafee etc? If necessary , please recommend a decent anti-virus program that offers good protection for computer viruses, spyware & malware


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All I have used since MSSE launch is MSSE and Windows firewall and have had no problems. Once a week or o I run a full MSSE scan and also Malware Bytes Anti Malware to make sure nothing has crept through. I have had no problems.


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It is actually not recommended to run 2 or more AV apps at the same time in real time (running in the background). They can conflict with each other and cause false positives that will drive you crazy, and may actually crash.

I also use MSE in my 3 PC's, and Windows Defender (MSE renamed and included by default) in Win 8 DP. I have never had a successful attack on my PC's. Nuff said!


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Hi Guys

Thanks for the info

Once again, eh?... (Ted knows what I mean ;))

Still, can't hurt to have it said, again...

Never, ever use more than 1 A-V @ a time OR have any lingering pieces of a previous 1!!

I, also, heartily & strongly recommend MSE, it's bloody brilliant. Same goes for Malwarebytes. & it is true, w/ Windows 7 (or 8) & a modern, quality, browser, like IE9, really nothing more is needed.

All my own machines have the above. Every machine I build or overhaul for clients get this... never 1 complaint or sickness, ever.

Me, I'm a nut for security so, my primary machine, also, has things like Trend Micro's Browser Guard & SpywareBlaster; mind you these/those are not A-Vs, just little things to help keep the 'nasties' out :)



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Hi Drew

Thanks for the info, much appreciated

You're welcome, my pleasure.


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