Microsoft Sphere


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I've got another news about Microsoft new technologies and they called it Microsoft Sphere...yet this is just a prototype from Microsoft Research.

Like Microsoft's tabletop Surface computer, the touch-controlled Sphere can sense multiple, simultaneous contacts, allowing a number of people to use it at the same time.


In this video, researchers show several applications in use, manipulating photos, videos and panoramic images. They also play Sphere Pong.

The system works by projecting an image onto the inside of the sphere, while infrared technology senses the touch input. The device was developed by Hrvoje Benko, who describes it in his blog, working with Andy Wilson and Ravin Balakrishnan. This video was their submission to the UIST2008 conference.

It's Microsoft surface in a different form. Interesting, but will anyone use it?
Well it's not as advance as Microsoft Surface, I think it will not be hit on most of home use but it may be useful in Museums, Library, etc. I think the Earth Globe feature would be useful for educational purposes but they must improve it.

As for now, it's prototype and it could add more useful features in the future.

I would definately use it cause it looks so kool and sounds like a lot of fun. I can see where designing panoramas would be easier. Hopefully They will release it to the generak population for everyone to have.