Microsoft Submits Multi-Booting Patent Application

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    The patent describes a booting process that loads a virtual machine manager which decides which general or specific purpose operating system module gets loaded. The chart shows four specific purpose modules including TV, Music and DVD usage as well as one general purpose operating system.
    It is very likely that the patent is directly related to Windows 8′s Direct Experience Mode. Microsoft has not confirmed or denied the availability of the mode in Windows 8.
    The patent application Summary offers details on the process. Microsoft describes that it is possible to load another partition, which is one of the available operating system modules, may be loaded while another is running. It is then possible to switch between the two partitions once they are fully loaded. An interesting option would be to load into a fast booting email client or messenger before switching to the fully loaded general purpose operating system.
    Microsoft Submits Multi-Booting Patent Application | Windows 8 News

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