Microsoft Word problem with paper size A3


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Hello everyone,
I have the following issue with Microsoft Word 2016.
I want to make an A3 format but this size is missing and there are only A4 and Letter.
Before, I had Office 2010 there and it worked fine, but suddenly the A3 format was gone. Then I downloaded Office pack 2016 and again I don't have this A3 format. How can I add it and fix this problem.


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Page sizes come from what your printer can support and not Word it may not have been the case in older versions of Office.

You can just select "More page sizes" at the bottom and create a custom size and call it A3. The page size is 29.7 cm and 42 cm


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Yeah, you have to create a custom size in order for the thing to work. 2 years ago, my brother installed a pirate version of Windows ten, and because of that, everyone worked really poorly. I always said to myself that I would install the licensed version, but I kept on forgetting. 2 weeks ago, I had enough of this crap because my system just got stuck, and because of that, I had to reset the whole system. Eventually, I installed the windows 10 pro license key from Since then, I have had no problems, and all I can say is that it’s always better to have a licensed version.