Mini PC with no screen - change native resolution?

I have a windows 8.1 mini PC with no screen (1.3Ghz Atom processor, 2GB ram, 32GB HDD - basically a standard tablet without the screen). I use Teamviewer to control this mini PC remotely. Teamviewer is basically a screen capture software and I was having an issue where because there is no screen Teamviewer was having trouble rendering the windows. So in "screen resolution" I changed the display to "Display device on: Mobile PC Display". This solved the Teamviewer windows rendering problem, but somehow I changed the Mobile PC display resolution to 1280x720 and I would like to change that to 1920x1080. The problem is that the option to change the resolution is not available.

Anyone know how I can change that resolution, or change that display?


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You could be stuck with a default driver but have you tried hitting advanced then list all modes?
Screenshot (112).png

When I list all modes the only option is 1280x720. Here's what I did from the beginning:

1. While connected via HDMI to a TV monitor I clicked on "Detect". This brought up a message next to the first display: "Another display not connected."
2. click on "Another display not connected" and set the display to "Display device on: Mobile PC Display"
3. At the time I thought that I manually set the resolution and there were many other options beside 1280x720.

But now the only option is 1280x720 and even the drop down list is grayed out and unavailable.


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Sounds like that device only works with 1280X720... you could try going on line to their website and see if perhaps they have any new drivers but otherwise it's not looking good, sorry.

That's my conclusion as well. I did find a work around. Using Teamviewer I can expand the "screen" to fill my remote screen, but of course the resolution remains 720.

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