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Minor Nuisance (Devices and Printers icons)

Hi all. Nice to be in the forum. Hopefully you can help me with my issue. It’s extremely minor but I’m curious to see how this part of Windows 7 works (seems quirky to say the least).

I’ve installed Windows 7 a few times now on different computers and there’s one inconsistancy I can’t explain. When going into the “Devices and Printersâ€Â￾ screen for the first time I believe it gives you one of those ugly yellow info bars asking you if you wish to update device information from the internet (ie get the neato icons for your particular devices and such). I always say yes to this, and I always am connected to the internet when I do. But for some reason I’ve only had my devices actually update with the icons once.

So, for example, on my home computer I now have a Habu mouse and Logitech Wave keyboard that do not show the icons as they are supposed to. I’ve also gone into the device installation settings and set it to “Yes do this automaticallyâ€Â￾ for downloading driver/realistic icons. Though I find it odd that I had to set this (it was defaulted to no despite my saying yes; this happened 2 different times) even though I selected to do it in the infobar popup.

This has been going on for a while so I’ve tried the usual things I can think of. Also tried to tweak the registry keys (it won’t let you) to no avail. Any ideas?

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