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I have been missing several fonts for the past few months. I've tried running a system file check with my Win7 install disk in the DVD drive, it tells me there are files corrupted but that it can't fix them.

When I check my c:\windows\fonts it shows I have 154 items, judging from other threads, it looks like I am missing 84 fonts.


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Do you know anyone else who has a computer with Widows 7 on it?
If you do you could just copy the fonts in the Windows, Fonts folder on their computer to a memory stick and install them on your computer.

Which brings up a question of my own.

I have 442 fonts installed, so why does it say that there are 3,490 files in the fonts folder when I look at properties for it?
That was the first way I checked to see how many fonts I had, when that was obviously wrong, I selected them all and was told that it was a total of 442 files.


I do have a buddy with Win7 installed, I'll see if I can get him to copy his Fonts folder. When I check the properties, it shows 501 files. So definitely missing some in comparison to your install. I'd really like a solution without having to use a copy and paste from someone else's install, but if that is my only option, I will have to do that.

You can copy fonts from your buddy, or search your 7 dvd for them. Then, Control Panel -> Fonts -> Install.


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You might be lucky!! Those 80 odd fonts may just be the non-Latin language fonts that, if you are Western European / American, you will never find a use for anyway!! :)


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Don't go by the number of fonts I have installed for a comparison.

I'm a graphic designer and have hundreds of Adobe Type One fonts installed on my computer.
I don't have any idea what the number of core fonts installed with Windows 7 is.

What I don't get is why it says I have so many files installed when I look at properties for the Fonts Folder, when there are not nearly that many fonts in it.
When I looked at the folder it appears to show everything I have installed including variations on each font family.


Elmer - I am missing system fonts, like arial, so it isn't just fonts I don't or won't use.
Mike - That makes sense. I thought it sounded a little high, but I wasn't sure.

Try running the sfc /scannow command from safe mode to see if it completes well and fixes everything.

You can copy/paste the font folder from another Win7 machine and there will be no problems. Not sure if 32 or 64 bit matters, so I'd at least make sure the architecture is the same if doing this.


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If you can search in these folders: C:\Windows\winsxs\ you'll find fonts (backups) in there. that's where sfc gets them from. For example on my (64bit) machine Arial is here:

Disadvantage? You need the names of the missing fonts :(

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