I am running Windows 8 and I refreshed my computer today. Now when I open a program it displays on the whole screen. The minimize, maximize and close buttons are not there. Also , when I try to go to my main screen the shut down and search are missing. It is like everything has shifted to the right about and inch and I cant see it. I have adjusted the screen resolution and it has not helped. Can anyone tell me how to fix this


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If you go up to the top of your window and right click on a blank spot and then hit restore. That should work. It did for me.


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In Windows 8 you can reach the search from the charm bar... press [windows key] + [c]
Screenshot (72).png

You can snap your screen to the right by pressing [windows key]+[.]
Screenshot (73).png

if your display is just too far right you can (left) click and hold the top bar to move it over?
Screenshot (74).png


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  • If this is a web browser, they have a full screen mode, which can be toggled by pressing F11.
  • If this is a metro app then it will not have the min, max and close button typically.
  • If you are using an external monitor then try pressing the auto adjustment button
Also please post a screen shot so we can understand the issue better. You can screenshot your entire desktop by pressing Print Screen sometimes abbreviated as Prt sc

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