Windows 8 Missing the Boat


Noob Whisperer
Nov 30, 2009
N.W. Indiana
With October 26th looming on the horizon and the release of the all new, much touted (already) Microsoft "Surface", I am wondering if Microsoft is once again missing the proverbial boat.
Marketing thus far seems to be very WOW factor oriented. Looks good, feels good, runs great, does everything. Ultra portable, ultra mobile, enterprise ready, the tech road warrior's dream machine, etc., etc.

Yet I can find no information anywhere that suggests that this ultra mobile device contains any 4G or for that matter 3G component. As a matter of fact everything that I have been able to find so far suggests that the device will be WiFi only. So I'm not sure that this device will fill the bill for today's typical ultra mobile, tech road warrior.

Perhaps they have left that door open for their OEM partners to fill, as I see that Lenovo is already announcing a Win8 Tablet with both 3G and 4G component options. Or perhaps the all new Microsoft "Surface 2" will include such options. It just seems to me that if Microsoft was indeed serious (as it would seem they are), regarding their move to hardware manufacturing with respect to new Windows 8 devices, they might have taken the extra time and made the extra effort to cover all the bases with their initial offering, instead of giving consumers yet another excuse or reason to wait and see what might come next.
Microsoft is like the Ford Motor Company....hopping on the backs of something that is all ready out there. That's why when Microsoft or Ford do invent something completely on their's crap and doesn't work. Wait, watch and see if some other tech company comes up with the idea and of adding 3G and 4G to their devices, that MS will have to adopt and tweak it a bit and call it their new mobile whatchamacallit.

Do we all remember how MS got DOS...MS didn't invent it, write it....Bill Gates bought it for $50,000 off some guy who wrote it out of his garage. Of course it's been covered up, had lip stick and mascara applied to it to try and hide that little known fact. But that's what MS and the Ford Motor Company has always done and will continue you to's made them both very wealthy.
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