Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset???


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I recently upgraded my inspiron 1420 notebook to windows 7 from vista and upgraded the display drivers via the device manager. Now some of the games on my computer play in a box with a black frame around it and crash before I can start actual game play, it appears that the screen will not adjust to the size of the game so the game just tries to play in a centered window but not in a windowed mode-if that makes sense. I downloaded the display drivers I was previously using for the computer while vista was installed, however when I try to install them I am told that "This operating system is not supported. Setup will now exit." Do I need to revert back to vista in order to have everything working properly again?


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2 Possible Solutions

After some research, several solutions are suggested on this page:

Windows 7 and the Intel 965 video driver

Also, for gaming compatibility, you may want to even try running in "XP Mode". This can be accomplished by visiting Microsofts official website on it here:

Download Windows XP Mode

Remember that support for mobile integrated chipset video from Intel has been a major pain on some computers because many of these video chipset devices are designed for an older display rendering model (the model changed from XP to Vista). If there is a problem, it is inherently in the drivers you are using, but theoretically the Vista drivers should work for you. You will never get the best gaming capacity using an integrated chipset, unfortunately. This is a sad lesson learned by many who buy a laptop. Also, compatibility becomes a major issue when a new operating system is released. This is why many laptops are now starting to ship with dedicated video graphics cards much like desktops do.Please let us know the result, and if any of these methods may work for you.

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