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need help please

yesterday i tried to burn iso files to my dvd and i install the windows 7. installation went well until the message "please make sure your dvd contains driver" shown and The Windows 7 installation application can't see my harddrive...what I should do to handle the problem?

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Salam knal smua ...
I can be a problem when installing windows7 neh. Sampe boot from the language selection still ok, right next tp message appears "not da ddlm driver on the disk, try to enter cd / dvd / fd imaginable driverny", sy bs kok gini confused ... sy dlm mind probably sata drivers-ny, sy download intel matrix storage and install sy gak maw tetep er ... Masalahny y kira2 what? n what is the solution?

tmbahn as windows 86 is 7 pro download dr sy MSDNAA, pas udh finished berformar rar, trus sy Appear jlnkan PSN setup "not the way drancan for dwindow", pas sy tiba2 window format files didonlot td trus yg jd sy brbh ISO k dvd n burn n sy sprti installed above timbulah problem ... mhon assistance teman2 y ...

Is it possible for you to repeat but in English?

I've translated into English me please

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