Monitoring app to identify lockup (probably hardware)

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by kenny782, Apr 2, 2010.

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    My machine locks up randomly, maybe once a week, once a day...random.
    It's my MCE machine, runs 24/7.

    It has always happened on 7, although I think 7100 ran fine but I don't remember for sure.
    In fact 7100 ran perfect on everything I loaded it on.

    Windows 7 had drivers for everything on my machine except 2 pieces of hardware in my machine.
    My graphics and storage cards.

    The the mfg never released Win 7 driver for, so I'm running Vista drivers.
    Yes I know not a good idea but it's for me 90% of the time when I've had to try it.

    So here's what I have:

    Bad Hardware
    The lockups only happen in Windows 7.
    I have a known good hdd from this machine with XP.
    I've left the machine running on XP MCE and actively used it for 2 weeks. Produced no lockups.
    So to me that eliminates any faulty hardware.

    The machine has been formatted twice since this started and loaded from two different DVD's.

    I also tried shutting down every app and service I could find that MS didn't put there.
    I left the machine completely alone for a week and still had a lockup in there.

    Does anyone know of a logging tool I could keep running that I could keep running?
    One that might be able to log something just before a lockup that could help me identify which card it is.

    I can't afford to replace these both right now and if I leave either one I can't use the machine.



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