More than two montiors?

I'm on an Asus gaming laptop with a Geforce GTX 260M and I'm looking to extend my desktop onto two additional screen. However it seems that Windows 7 limits you to two screens at a time. I was wondering if there is anyway around that?


Nah, you could have as many screens as your hardware can handle.

No need to find ways around anything. Instead, simply use.

You might find software such as DisplayFusion interesting to use along with that, but not necessary.

Hmm, so then what kind of video card would be able to run more than two monitors? I know the Ati 5000 series can do it, but outside of that I'm not sure. And its not something listed in specs when you're browsing either. XD

Exactly. 5xxx ATI/AMD.

You could also install old PCI video cards in available PCI slots, if there are any. No need for all the horsepower for just showing screens in Windows. Anything NVIDIA 6xxx or ATI x1950, or above those would be excellent for this.

I would match the same brand as the main video card though, for compatibility sake.

It's rare, but some motherboards can enable onboard vga while having a video card installed, too.

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