More Used... Vista Vs. Win 7

Ok So Im A User Of Both...
Windows 7 Ultimate 2009
Windows Vista Ultimate Black Edition v2 2009
I Run These Both On My Laptop..
But Since Ive Put Win 7 On My :)D) Drive..
Ive Been Using Win 7 A Lot More Than Vista...
Anyone Agree That Win 7 Is 50x Better ?
I Think The Main Reason For Me Is Because Ive Got A... Not Amazing Laptop And
Vista Seems To Be Quiete Slow At Times But Win 7 Keeps On Being Fast 24/7
And The Appearance Is 50x Better Too..

Anyone Else Had A Simmular Thing ?

I installed WIn 7 on a machine with an AMD Athlon XP 2700+ and 768MB RAM. Vista would laugh at me if I tried to install it on that system. Win 7 runs nice on it. Not flawless, but certainly useable. I say Vista is for the garbage


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Windows 7 is most certainly faster and better then any OS b4 . Vista was getting there but was a demanding OS .
Give me more !
Windows 7 is far less of a hog and runs well on lower spec systems .
So yes I say you are correct :D View attachment 836

I agree that Windows 7 is at least 50x better/faster than Windows Vista AND Windows XP.. :) Just curious though, you said your running Windows 7 Ultimate 2009? What build would that be? The RC is 7100 so I'm assuming that's what your talking about? ;)

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