Most stable media player?

Hey guys, I just picked up my Windows 7 Home Premium from ... I'm glad I did so I could finally junk my XP for good...

but what, in your opinion is the most stable media player for the OS? Aside from its in-house and default WMP of course?

Or, if you could make a comparison such as PotPlayer vs. VLC, among which of the two are the most stable for Windows 7?


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Why not install both, test them, and decide for yourself. We all have individual tastes and preferences.
They are pretty light programs, PotPlayer is only 15.4 MB and VLC is 23.4 MB.
You can uninstall one of them after you have made the choice.


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I've been using the Media Home Player Classic. VLC as backup player.

Ralph Bromley

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VLC as its the Swiss army knife of media players

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