Mouse and Touchpad doesn't gets clicked on any item on Dell Inspiron 3721 Laptop

Hello all, I have a Dell Inspiron 17 3721 which I recently purchased in an auction from Ebay. It came with Windows 8. The problem I'm facing with this laptop is that the computer works fine for the first 5minutes and then afterwards, the touchpad doesn't get clicked on any icon or a windows and then on nothing works such as scrolldown, moving a windows, right click. Howeve, the cursor keeps moving without any problem using the touchpad. I tried tapping the touchpad to doubleclick a icon but it doesn't accept any thing.

I have a logitech wireless mouse which I connected and tested. The same story even to the external mouse. The cursor moves but doubeclick, scroll doesn't work. However, when I tried to use CTRL +ALT+DEL, and get a screen with Logoff, task manager, then the mouse clicks works from then on. I have spent almost 3 Full Days in figuring out this issue. Assuming that this may be a Windows 8 issue, I upgraded to Windows 8.1 somehow by navigating the Keyboard as both the input devices refused to work. But still it failed to work.

Then I assumed, it may be an issue with Windows 8 OS issue. So, I downloaded the Windows 7 Untouched ISO and installed it having an expectation that it would work. I felt very disappointed that even that didn't work either. I am really not knowing what is the root cause of this issue.

One more thing, this laptop still has almost 1 Year warranty, but unfortunately refused to give TS Steps as they need the name of the person with which it is registered and since it is a bid Laptop, I do not have the registered name of the laptop. So I am unable to use the warranty services.

I request you to kindly help me with this issue and I will be grateful if you can help me in fixing this issue.

I must thank you in advance for your help in this regard.

Awaiting for any replies in this case.


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