Mouse issues after hot swap out of USB game control

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 Home Premium. I am experiencing an issue that appears similar to an post several months ago that I see no resolution to. Wondering if anyone else is having an issue like this. The previous user's issue after a new Windows 10 build from March or April read like this.....

".....My keyboard works, my mouse pointer moves but I cannot click any where. When I move/click on mouse, I got a crazy sound. Also the Win Key works, and my start menu is opened. I can move around my apps through the keyboard. But my mouse is crazy. PLEASE HELP ME....."

I cannot write it any better. I believe I have isolated it to when I unplug a USB game controller. Immediately after that my mouse pointer will move freely, but mouse clicks do not work. After a number of attempted mouse clicks it appears a buffer fills up to maximum because the computer beeps with each additional click and when that begins the mouse pointer becomes erratic.

This is a desktop computer, does not have a touch pad or touch screen, so lets get that out of the way. The USB wireless keyboard and mouse are both Microsoft 4000 and checking the driver in Device Manager returns that the latest driver is already installed.

The USB gaming devices are a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and a Saitek Multi Panel USB switch console. Both devices are plugged directly in to USB ports on my CPU. They are plugged separately. I tested with both of them plugged in at the same time (they are most commonly used together), and plugged in individually. It appears to make no difference. As soon as one or the other is unplugged the mouse issue begins. I can access the Start menu via the keyboard and choose Shut Down or Restart, but once the screen indicates the action is taking place the state of the computer stalls. It never finishes the power down. The only resolution is to physically boot down the computer by holding the CPU power button down.

Anyone seen this problem mentioned before? And any successful resolution?

I have the exact same issue after updating to windows 10 with my Saitek flight yoke. No other peripherals seem to cause this. If you find any work around, please post it here and I'll do the same! Thinking about posing on Saitek's support boards as well.

I have not found a solution yet. I did find a workaround. After I fly I go to Control Panel; then Device Manager; then expand the folder for Human Interface Devices, then find the listing for the Saitek yoke. I right click on it and choose "Disable". I then right click it again and make sure the options now say "enable", which means it is currently disabled. Then on my system I find I can safely unplug the yoke without causing the issues. I also have a Saitek Multi-Panel and do the same with it. Is the yoke your only Saitek device?

For the yoke, and any other devices that trigger the issue, before you fly you must plug them back in and then go back into Device Manager and enable them. I use the 3rd party executable driver SPAD to drive my Multi-Panel and running SPAD before flight initializes the multi-panel, and also enables it. Spad has no effect on the yoke or pedals.

To my knowledge I have not myself installed any Saitek drivers. Windows 10 may have done so, or carried drivers forward during the migration. Looking at the driver details in Device Manager shows in my system the driver is a Saitek driver and is version from 3/14/2011. A search for updated drivers returns with the latest available is already installed.

Thanks for the reply, good catch on the Device Manager workaround. I have SPAD using several panels as well but I don't tend to unplug them when they're not in use, so it's not such an issue.

FYI, I've downloaded and installed the drivers and the profile editor from Saitek, hasn't made any difference.

I've raised a support ticket with Saitek, if they come back with anything useful I'll drop you a note here.

Thanks flash50k would appreciate that. I almost mentioned my Saitek pedals in my earlier message, but I rarely unplug them as they are not in my way when not flying. Raised my curiosity, so I tried unplugging them. Created the same issue. I use a few other USB devices, like an automotive Garmin, a graphics/drawing tablet from Wacoom, etc. None of them cause the issue.

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