mousing moving all over randomly

Running windows 7 64 bit, I notice now and then my mouse is moving all over sometimes selecting things at random. Almost seems like I am been hacked, but I doubt it. I figured the mouse might need updated drivers. When on microsofts website (wireless intellimouse explorer 2.0) found the latest driver intellipoint 7.0 and have tried to run it. early in the installation, an error comes up saying:

Setup must close because an error occurred. Verify that your computer meets the system requirements on the product packaging. Please restart your computer and try running setup again. If this error happens again, see Help for customer support options. (error code 1603)

I have looked all over and not finding anything that has helped. Tried running as admin, tried running as capable with vista, no luck. Only thing I can think of that might be causing something is in my control pannel list of programs, it shows intellipoint 6.3, but doesnt allow it to be deleated because files are missing. Any way to wipe that?


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Did this start immediately after installing Windows 7?

Don't you have a PS/2 or USB mouse that you could try?

I dont recall when I first started, I dont think it was immediately after installation. I am thinking it might have to do with having corrupt intellipoint 6.3 files in there still...

I do have another mouse I could try, the thing is, typically it only acts up a few times an hour if that..

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