Windows 8 Moving Windows 8 Upgrade to new PC


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Aug 19, 2009
I have a PC which was running (legit) from a disk Win7 and I have since upgraded it to Win8 but now I am building a new pc and I am wondering can install my upgrade version of Win8 on my new build (I will not use it on my old pc anymore) I still have my Win7 disk if that helps!? Or will I have to buy an OEM copy of Win8?

OK, let's leave the old PC out of the equation...

Build the new PC. Install Windows 7 in it, then, immediately, use your Win8 Upgrade disc & take 7 to 8. Simple as that... you may have to phone in to Activate but, no matter, you'll be fine.

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The old PC must be taken out of service. You cannot use both.

I would also recommend a Custom (Clean) install from Win 7 to Win 8 to get the most pristine installation.

I'm sorry, I took it that that was a given... stopping using 1 machine & moving to another... not both, still, running. You can only install 1 license into 1 machine @ a time, of course.

If the Upgrade disc will allow a Custom Install. But, certainly, tell the Win8 install to keep nothing but, save the Win7 data 1st.

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I solved the problem by installing the Windows 8 upgrade on an external disk running under VMware. Now I can attach that system via USB to any of my PCs and it will run without problems - and it runs very well. Example.