MS Reaction to Cracks

Joe S

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Ms seems pretty calm about the latest cracks to RTM. Anybody else think they are enticing hackers with some old and simple cracks left there on purpose with the hope of discovering something new that they missed before it actually gets out into the market. I think some of the hackers look at it as a challenge.

I agree it's definitely not the reaction that most expected but with all the leaks that have happened during Windows 7's development it's not really a surprising reaction either, in my opinion.. ;)


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lol it must be painful to sit there and watch your hard work get cracked before its even released. It was always going to happen and theres little you can really do about it.

MS will always be monitoring for cracks and disable them once in a while, like a thief in the night, so users are stimulated to purchase their copies to use comfortably. Just a matter of time and this will always be so. The "temporary" cracks won't work for long, and burning bioses practice won't do for all. If shorter, MS is not at all calm to cracks, in time it'll delete them from user's systems via windows.update and service packs. You can sure use cracks but then you'll have to be very careful updating your system.

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