Multiple DSOD ntoskrnl.exe + various errors + Stop error code 0x0000000A

I'm new to my office, since I started working here I'm getting this constants BSODs, but checking the windows logs it seems like it started happening long ago.
A week ago I unnistalled several drivers and software (including avastt and daemon tools) and it stopped crashing, but it was almost imposible to boot, it kept getting bsod after the windows logo screen, but I had no problem when booting in safe mode. Sometimes it'll just boot normally and wont crash anytime and next day it won't boot
I'd tried cleaning the registry using CCLEANER, SmartPCFixer, updated drivers with Driver Booster 2 and manually, run Spyware Terminator ETC. Nothing worked, i keep getting the "Stop error code 0x0000000A (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL)" BS.

And It's impossible to run a memcheck or reinstall the SO since it's the only PC available, but I'll try to clean the RAM slots when I can..

I checked the lattests dumps but i always find diferents errors...please help!

- Dump files and screen shots -




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Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck A, {ffffffffffffffd0, 2, 1, fffff80003885f62}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for dtsoftbus01.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for dtsoftbus01.sys
Probably caused by : dtsoftbus01.sys ( dtsoftbus01+5390 )

Followup: MachineOwner
most of the dump files point to memory corruption as the probable cause although the above (which is the latest dump file) shows that Daemon Tools is the probable cause and indeed I can see evidence of that within the dump file itself. Daemon Tools in well known for causing problems with windows 7 and shouldn't be used.
dtsoftbus01.sys Fri Feb 21 09:49:36 2014: Damon Tools please remove.

If the bsod's don't stop then test the RAM.
Windows does have it's own memory testing app but it can often miss errors and the best app for the job is Memtest86. The latest version of which can be found here:

To run Memtest86 you need to either burn a copy of it to disk or use a USB stick. If you look down the page you'll eventually find the latest version and it's associated downloads. If your burning to disk choose the pre-compiled iso zip. If your using a USB method then the corresponding download is the auto installer for a USB stick.
Once you have Memtest86 on the media you selected you'll then need to enter your bios and change the boot order so that the machine will boot from either the disk or stick you have Memtest86 on.
Run the test for at least 12hrs if possible unless it becomes clear that there is a issue. If there is a problem with the RAM you'll see the errors pop up in red so you can't miss them.

Kemical, thanks for your help...I was checking the dump files while waiting for a reply, and found the same problem. Unnistalled DT and cleaned the registry and all of that again and it stopped happening - At least for now (5 hours of testing) - It's impossible to run any kind of tests in this PC (I work 4 hour shifts and need it running), but i'll wait and see how it goes. Today it took a while to boot (wouldnt pass the windows logo screen, kept loading) but after a few restars it worked just fine.

I wouldn't say it's fixed, but at least it doesn't seem to crash all day long as before.

So, thanks again!


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Your very welcome! Post back if you should need to :).

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