Multiple Windows 7 instalattions on same Hard Disk

I just tried to install Windows 7 on two partitions on the same hard disk.
I managed to get to the point where I can choose from what partition to boot using EasyBCD but I get this screen only if the installation DVD is inserted in the drive.

I tried fixing the problem using the Windows 7 repair and restore options from the DVD and even in the command prompt bootrec /fixboot

When I boot without the DVD the classic problem appears BOOTMGR is missing :mad:, I "pretty please" asked google to find a solution for me but nothing yet.

Anyone here had the same problem?

I am willing to reinstall both if I need to make some changes during the installation process.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the win7forums. : )

First of all a few questions:

1. Have you set the boot device priority in bios to the HDD?
2. Have you done bootrec/rebuildbcd for both systems?
3. Is it one physical hard disk or is it several hard drives in a raid?

In the meantime I found about EasyBCD v2 Beta.
From the External Drives Tab "Create Bootable External Media" I prepared the first partition to be bootable and added another entry with the secondary partition, now everything works fine

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