Windows 10 Music Files Loaded onto the Home Screen (100's of files!)


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Hello, Forum Mates. Since I updated my Windows 10 files the other day, a large amount of music files, which I knew were somehow displaced, but which didn't harm my home screen, started to populate what should be my home screen. I have tried to delete them, but the recycle basket disappeared somewhere. I have also had a problem with the music files being copied 2 and 3 and 4 times onto the home screen. Anybody know what I might do to remedy this situation? Thanks, cnix
They are misplace music files. Hundreds of little icons on my screen. I don't know how it happened, but it was after transferring music into the computer from original cds. It happened before the latest Windows 10 update, but I usually would be taken to a final screen that had chrome and firefox and youtube icons on it.
I have tried to delete them, but the recycle basket disappeared somewhere.

You can also delete a file or folder without being sent to Recycle Bin by pressing Shift and Delete at the same time. Have you already tried that?

Wouldn't be better if you created a Folder for your music files and keep them there?
Are they all the same extension and do you mean the desktop?

If so
  • press [Window key + r] and type shell:desktop
  • Click on the View tab and select Details
  • Near the top of the list of files right click where it says Name, Size, Item Type etc and select more
  • Scroll down and select 'File Extension"
  • Click Ok
  • Click the column "File Extension" to sort by that column
  • Now select the top file with the music file extension
  • Scroll down to the last file with that extension
  • old shift and click the last file, this should select them all
  • Press delete and confirm and they should be gone