Windows 7 MVP Summit 2011: Meet C++ MVPs Alon, Marius, Bruno, and Jim

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    Recently, MVPs from all over the world descended on Redmond to interact with product teams as well as each other. They were given access to information relating to technology futures, roadmaps, etc.—all the things MVPs are privy to. I spent some time at the C++ MVP summit where VC++ team members provided several excellent sessions. It was great to meet some of the folks who are so helpful to fellow developers and Microsoft. Thank you, MVPs!

    This video features C++ MVPs Alon Fliess, Marius Bancila, Bruno Boucard, and Jim Berveridge. It was great to meet all of them and I really enjoyed the candor of this spur-of-the-moment conversation! Thanks to these great MVPs, both for helping their software engineering peers and for providing insight and feedback to Microsoft, helping us do the right things for C++ developers. Cheers!



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