Windows 7 my best speed on utorrent!

What's this got to do with W7 -- especially showing a screen dump of a HIGHLY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. If you do use a torrent to download stuff at least show "LEGAL CONTENT" please otherwise I should keep that info to yourself.

Even the guys from "The Pirate Bay" are in court currently in Sweden -- they'll probably get off but it's a warning -- and they aren't even doing the downloading.

You've just presented some Mogul from the Film Industry a perfect example of who to go for next -- I'd change your IP address if I were you.

I agree that some prices are too high which tends to encourage this type of activity --but as a Freelance Pro photographer I'd take a very dim view if my hard earned work was being downloaded for free all over the Net.



No more stuff like this, please guys. We are trying to get a reputation that counts for something. I 'll leave the thread, as Jimbo says it all.

Agreed, this is NOT the place to be discussing/showing highly illegal activity such as this.. ;) And as Jimbo said, WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH WINDOWS 7?? Like davehc said we're trying to build up a GOOD reputation.. not one that makes it look like we condone this sort of activity.... DON'T do it again. :)