Windows 10 My Cortona is not working !?

Hi !

I’ve just yesterday updated from Win7 and my new upgraded Win10 looks to work smoothly, with all programs running.

With the exception of Cortana, I believe she/it is not recognizing the hardware like micro and speakers, as I’ve excluded all other common listed problems. Besides, she appears to be talking as the circle moves.
  • I am living in China, even so my Windows 7 was an US version and my new Windows 10 should be either.
  • I configured all Language Preferences to US English, also Formats and Location.
  • I linked Windows with my Hotmail account.
  • I checked all drivers, firewall, etc…(Skype also works)
I really would appreciate any help or comments.

Best Wishes from China :what_smile:

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I did a clean install of windows 10 Pro but I still have issues like you describe. I've turned the damn thing off anyway as I find it at best annoying. I think if your located outside of the United States (I'm in the UK) Cortana seems rather shy and doesn't want to work properly. Perhaps this will change in coming weeks with updates?

@kemical, normally here in China I am using a VPN, connecting to US-servers with US IP. Not sure if Cortona is that smart?

By the other hand, I really don´t understand the reason why Windows wants to limit the access to this tool that much.


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Strange... Many people have problems with Cortana.

As you can see in the video below I've got Cortana fully working in Belgium. Apparently Cortana is not using the same location as the apps. My date, time-format and even my weather works just fine for my real region. The news wasn't setup at that time but is now working for my real location. The weather and news apps are even in Dutch at the moment.

Video: Windows 10 Cortana Talking and Opening Programs


Yes, I read in plenty of forum about problems with Cortana, ...but no real solutions ...and I thought that maybe there would be one of the Micosoft guys here giving some recommendations :sad_smile:.

Besides, I really cannot understand Windows (and Office) as last the existing OS still limiting so much the languages configuration. I know that since Windows 7 ultimate it is possible the change the language interface, but not the whole OS, which is perfectly possible with all Linux distros, Max OSX, Android, etc....

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