Windows 7 My games keep Bringing me back to the desktop screen:(

Anirudh Mittal

New Member
This is very hard to explain in words, but I'll give it a try.

Basically, I can't play any games continuously without it freezing or crashing. HOWEVER, this is not a typical crash that you may be thinking of. Normally a crash is when the system cannot cope, and it ends the application's processes and quits to your desktop, right? Well in my case, the game quits to my desktop, but it is still running in my taskbar completely fine, and when I click back on it, the game resumes where I was in full screen again.

So realistically it isn't a crash, because the game is still running the whole time, but it does quit back to my desktop every time.

The problem occurs every 30 seconds or so and has been like it for a while. I only built the computer 2 days ago so there aren't any simple restore points for my computer to go back on. Everything else on the PC works perfectly, just this strange issue.
Does the start menu pop-up when the games minimize? If so, try using another keyboard to make sure it's not a mechanical problem with the keyboard activating the Windows button. Even if that's not the case though, try using another keyboard just to make sure.

Otherwise I suppose some other software is stealing focus from the game (like an adware pop-up or maybe a benign but annoying software). Try putting a video on Windows Media Player on full screen (by pressing the button on the lower-right of the running video), if it also gets minimized (i.e. lose focus), then it most likely is some software stealing focus.

Other than that I can only suspect graphics card drivers. Make sure they're up date.