my home dir is emptied by windows !?


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My notebook (xp) has recently broke down, and I moved its HDD to my desktop (xp) to access my data. To work with more or less the same environment as before, I set the home dir of the user on the desktop to the directory on the notebook's HDD that used to be my home. I have the same username on the desktop as the one on the laptop. Now I noticed with shock that the specified directory has been completely emptied. Is it a normal behavoiur of windows ? Are my data deleted or possibly moved to another place ? They aren't in recycle bin for sure.


When connecting the notebook hdd to the desktop hadd, there was no need to make changes to the dir path to look at the data and back up the data. I'd disconnect the laptop drive and reboot the desktop to see if in fact your system boots up.


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excuse me, I forgot to mention that the notebook's HDD is connected as a slave, ie. the desktop is running off its own system HDD, as before

OK...can you change/reverse your dir path changes you made and access the notebook hdd.


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Hello again, I am sorry for the delay, couldn't have a chance to deal with the problem.

So, to my big relief I finally found everything. My home wasn't wiped, only moved under a directory called "\AddOn" on the same drive. It may have happened when I changed the user's home. Scary, nevertheless.

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