Windows 7 My Laptop WEI Rating is 5.6


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Hello, i have a dell latitude e6420 and it has a WEI rating of 5.6 is it good or bad for my laptop please do let me know i jst want this laptop only for educational purpose
Here is the screenshot
While it's possible to improve two scores of the notebook by upgrading RAM & adding a SSD (both are priced great today), and while it's also possible that the RAM upgrade may improve the graphics score by a fraction, chances are you'd still be stuck at the graphics score as the final one. I don't see that 5.6 going to a 6.0, w/out a CPU swap that'll be costly & a gamble.

I'd say to upgrade to a SSD & max out your RAM, and let things fall where they may. You'll have a powerful notebook & likely better battery life due to not having a spinning HDD going all the time. Too, SSD's have proven to be more reliable than HDD's, I still have my first one, a 128GB Crucial m4 purchased in early 2012 & still running great. The only one I have an issue with is the 250GB Samsung 840 EVO, while it's running fine, have to run the software once every two months or so. It's not that way with the 120GB version of the same drive, nor any other that I have now (8 & counting).

Once you get a taste of a SSD, you'll never want to run your OS on a spinner again, unless you prefer slow motion over fast, I promise you!