my new laptop running windows 7 is soooooooooo slow.. please help.


i just bought a new laptop that has windows 7 installed. it is sooooooo slow. its driving me crazy.
from googling a problem could be too my processes. it has 100-120 running with a high cpu usage. mostly 90% or so.

i have another laptop running windows vista with 117 processes but the cpu usage doesn't really go over 20%...

what can i do?

its a hp with windows 7 64 bit

any ideas would be greatly appreciated :)

1. Click Start and type and enter "ev" and it will run the Event Viewer. Look under Custom at the Administrative logs. Problems with initializing drivers are logged here at startup.
i tried this and just from today it has about 19 events that either come up with error or warning.. any ideas? thankyou


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Maybe you can find the process that's maxing out your CPU in Resource Monitor.

Right click an empty spot on your taskbar.
Click - Start Task Manager
Click - the Performance tab
Click - Resource Monitor (down near the bottom)
Expand - the CPU bar

That shows which processes are using the CPU. It also shows how much CPU power is being used for each process. Maybe that will show you what's going on.


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