My restore points are disappearing

Hi, I have quite srange problem with my restore points. I have enabled system protection on my system partition (5% on C:) and it seemed to working fine, but recently, I have tried to recover my computer and I found out, that there were no recovery points. So I created one for the next time, but after restart, there weren't any restore points again.

So After every restart of my computer, all restore points are gone!

Even no disc usage for restore points is used, so I think, the restore points are deleted on every boot up.

any ideas?

How large is your C: drive? And can you confirm that the restore point is actually there once it is created?

my drive has 100gb (5% for restore points - cca 5gb), so no problem, i think.
when i create a new restore point and then i look to the list of restore points, i can find it there ... until restart.

That is indeed weird behavior... Try the following

  • Delete all restore points
  • Disable the use of restore points
  • reboot
  • enable the use of restore points
  • reboot
  • create a restore point
  • reboot
  • see if its still there

Alot of reboots, i know, please dont hate me... :redface:


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This may be way off base, but some of those so called "tweaking" programs and/or junk file cleaners actually delete your restore points.

Do you happen to be using either?.

Correct.. I didnt take that into account, but agree, investigate it :) That can be the cause..

ok, so i've tried that procedure and still ... windows says that there have not been created any restore point on system drive. :(

Sometimes, I use CCleaner, but this happens on every reboot, so think CCleaner don't cause this. Also, I have installed a Spybot Search and Destroy, but either I don't think it's caused by spybot.(but i can try to uninstall it)

any other ideas?

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