My son went to Windows 7


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After a month of having Win7 at work, it seemed easy to give it to my son when he caught the Antivirus 2010 rogueware. It was nasty in that it wouldn' even let exe or com files to be executed. I normally insist on manually removing rootkits and malware. I'm proud of my success using free programs, but that is another story.

The key feature was to run Age of Mythology (AOM) which requires a sound drive and a video driver. I kept my negative thoughts to myself and handed him the disk. He is 16 and motivated by the death of his computer. I showed him the device drivers list and the yellow marks indicating a problem. I had him go to the ATI Radeon Xpress website and there are no Windows 7 drivers for our model card. Kind of my worst nightmare here. I just encouraged him to google around and he found an Intel site that had a driver he could use and then he did the Windows update serveral times and damned if it don't work.

The sound card updated without problem. It made him think of Age of Mythology where we had to leave the game behind because we couldn't find a driver. The Windows update is great and we can do multiplayer AOM.