my windows 10 laptop won't start up

My Toshiba Satellite laptop won't boot up despite being fine last night.
I've pressed the power button but nothing happens - no noise, nothing on the screen, no lights on the keys or buttons.

I've plugged it into a charger and the same happens. I know the charger works because I've tested it on another laptop and it's fine.

I first tried at about 12pm and it still isn't working now.

I haven't tried taking out the battery yet because that requires screwdrivers and other hassle, but I do plan to look at it some time soon.

The laptop was working fine the day before. I made no major changes during that day. The most recent change is that I switched graphics cards about a week ago, from the new Windows 10 one to the original because it occasionally caused a "blue screen of death" and a forced restart. I looked online that reverting back to the original graphics card can solve it, and since then I haven't had that problem.

Last night I spilled a couple of drops, about a tablespoon, of water on the lid of the laptop when it was closed. I doubt that caused it as I read water can only damage the laptop if it finds its way inside, which would have been very unlikely (but still possible). Still, I clean my laptop every day by scrubbing the screen etc with a dishcloth but I've never had this problem.

What can I do to fix this problem, if there is a fix?



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so you have Microsoft updates on or off?
you turned the laptop off last night or you left it on and now it is off ... did it go to sleep or hybernate?

Microsoft updates are on
I am fairly certain the laptop shut down properly (can never be 100% certain). I never use sleep or hibernate. At first I thought I had left it on all night, so I plugged it in but nothing changed.


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With updates on you got prob got todays patch that repairs patch KB3132372 ... that is a http patch but you could have also got a microsoft driver for your g-card and that could give a blank screen error.
The water on top is not an issue... water under would be but not on top.
so try and plug into a different power outlet... is there no lights at all, most systems still show power from the mains light even if the laptop is off?

I have already tried a different charger and there's no difference. My charger was fine anyway because it worked on another laptop. We used different plug sockets as well and nothing changed.
When I try to power on the laptop does absolutely nothing. No lights and no noise.


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could have had a storm or power surge... I'd remove the batty (and plug), press and hold the power button for count of ten then plug in power (leave batty out ) and try to boot.

p.s some models leaving the batty out is not an option but you have a better idea than we do... what model have you got btw?

So it's fixed now.
We narrowed the problem down to the battery, took it out, cleaned the area and put it back.
Laptop's now working fine.
Thanks for your help

P.S the model is a Toshiba Satellite L50-B-137


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Yeah this sounds like a power issue or motherboard.
  • Power adapter could be bad. (Sounds like you ruled this out) If you have a multi-meter you can verify it is still putting out the correct amps and voltage even if it worked on another laptop doesn't mean it's putting out the right VA unless you tested it on the same model
  • Battery issue (Remove the battery as @ussnorway stated)
  • With the battery out try and power it on
  • With the battery still removed, plug in the power adapter and attempt to power it on
  • If it still won't come on gently wiggle the plug close to where it plugs into the computer and tap the power button. If it turns on briefly and then off again then you have a broken D/C jack or broken solder joint
  • Some laptops will have a fuse soldered on the motherboard as well near the D/C jack this could be tested but would require taking the laptop apart and with a multi-meter test across the fuse for resistance
  • If still nothing then it is probably the motherboard

thanks for the help but the laptop is working fine at the moment and hopefully it should stay that way. I guess a Windows update failed and caused some damage to the battery. Removing the battery, dusting around and putting it back in has worked. I will come back to this thread if the problem occurs again, but fingers crossed it wont.
Thanks everyone


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I doubt the update damaged the battery but I have seen computers that are just stuck in a limbo power state and removing the battery should fix that. Good to know it's working now.

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