Myriad Network issues (low speed, disconnect, unable to connect,...)

Hello guys.
It's about five month that i,m using windows 7 instead of XP OS.It works fine after installation but after some days it will start making network problems.

Here is a list of my problems with windows 7,

1. Low speed or disconnect when start gaming. for instance i can't download a file and play games at same time or my brother can't use shared internet connection when I'm gaming.

2. Unable to connect to many wireless network. In this case I don't know if it's my network adapter(DWA-510) or not.

3. Freezes when using P2P programs such as Bit torrent.

none of these issues happened when i had a XP OS. Despite dealing whit these problems is difficult, I don't tend to use XP OS again because of DirectX 10.

I hope you guys help me.:eek:

and thanks

Running Bit Torrent is usually pretty risky. Do you have a good spyware scanner?


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Hello guys.
It's about five month that i,m using windows 7 instead of XP OS.It works fine after installation but after some days it will start making network problems.
First check and make sure you are using the correct windows 7 driver for your network adapter. Check this link and see if it helps it's for the Rev A version of your adapter.
Second, make sure you have the latest firmware from the manufacturer's website for your wireless router.
Third, since it seems to work fine for a while and then begins to show problematic symptoms, you may want to attempt to determine if some type of third party software process, or service may be causing this issue. Normally I would suggest restarting the machine in safemode with networking, but since your adapter is an add on card, your network drivers may very well not load, but it might be worth a try. Otherwise, you may first want to check for mdnsresponder.exe right click your taskbar and choose
Start Task Manager, at the top choose the Processes tab, and look in the left most column under Image Name for mdnsresponder.exe and see if that's running. It's a service that gets installed with Itune, Adobe CS3 and CS4 and some others, that's worth a look see. You may also want to try trouble shooting using the CleanBoot steps and see if that helps. Or if you would like some of us to take a closer look and see if we might be able to help further you could type msinfo32 into the search or run dialog box, save a copy of the System Information to your desktop or elsewhere if you choose, zip it up and attach it to your next post and we can have a look for anything suspicious. Up to you.
Please, if you would be so kind, take some time and fill out your forum profile. Please click the "Settings" link at the top of this page and then on the resultant page in the left colum under the heading of "My Settings" select the link to "Edit Profile" We enjoy knowing about the other members of our community here at Windows 7 Forums, so feel free to fill out as much or as little as you are comfortable with. However; the information regarding your system specifications under the heading of "Additional Information" can often go a long way towards helping us to be better able to help you. Here, in the networking forum, additional information specific to your network adapter's Manufacturer, Model Name, Model Number, Version/Revision Number, as well as the same information regarding your Router (Wired or Wireless), so if you would kindly provide as much network specific information as possible in future posts it may certainly prove helpful in resolving your issue.

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