name the OS what you want...


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I don't care if you call it windows-8.2, windows-9, or windows-10.

Decide.... and move on. ALL the software people need to know is what OS they are trying to write drivers for.

The 10 version sounds good. Please make it as good as it sounfs...!

Windows 10 Tech Preview looks good already, I've tried out every build so far in a virtual machine from day one, and I have to say - Good work so far Microsoft. I am hoping that with the next build they will allow you to change Cortana's default search engine because I'd hate for her to search with Bing all of the time... I mean it wouldn't bother me too much once I get used to it but I use Google over Bing so... There's that. Besides that and a few bugs and incomplete things I think the Tech Preview is shaping up to eventual release... Hopefully soon, but no rushes. ;)


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That is far from the only thing that I, as a developer, want or "need" to know
I ran Windows-10-beta for a bit. Found it too buggy, went back to 8.1. But even Windows 8.1 is still a bit buggy.

Sure hope that they get Windows-10 right........

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