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Windows 8 need a software that will shout on net disconnect/ no download


Nov 25, 2012
Here, net disconnection is a frequent problem with no solution. Net disconnect several times.

1. It either remains connected, and there is no downloading taking place. so all indicators show it as Connected. The browser tries to keep on sending 0.1-0.2 Kbps something, whatever the site might have programmed to check the connection active, but there is absolutely no downloading takes place. I manually disconnect and reconnect it and it works.

2. It just disconnects.

So, I need a free tiny software that will shout the loudest when my net disconnect in either of the two conditions above.

This way, I will come to know of it and then I can at least disconnect/ reconnect it manually.

Any solution to this is welcome, except "change the ISP" because all ISP here have save problem for last 10 years.

using net through CDMA through a dongle on a pc on w8.

Are you using a modem router through you ISP? Or is this a 3G/4G wifi dongle from mobile carrier? If you're using a modem/router, then reboot router by unplugging it for 2 minutes from the power outlet and not from the back of the modem router. If this is a wifi dongle from your mobile carrier, that is something you'll will have to contact them about. With those wifi dongles from your mobile carrier, strength of signal is in direct relation to the mobile towers.
It is a CDMA dongle from mobile carrier used on pc. I have no router here.

No use contacting ISP, they just don't listen, never provided any solutions.

Just wanted a software that would tell me when the net is not working so that I can fiddle with the net connection apps.

There might be some 3rd party software that does what your asking, but I've not heard of any. You're just in an area where the signal just intermittently drops in and out. I just got the wife a Nexus 4 using the Straight Talk with AT-T, she get's no service at all at here work but as soon as she leaves the parking lot...bam, it picks up the signal. A lot of her co-workers with different carriers have the same or similar symptoms...it just the location of their work place in relation to the mobile towers....sucks.

You could try googling for a forum that's dedicated to wifi mobile dongles and see what they might have to offer. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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If you find this program, please let me know. I'm interested in it too.
There are a few programs like this one which might be of interest to you:

Ping Alert 3.0 Free Download

It's a free program which lets you set an ip address to repeatedly be pinged at a specified interval and sound an alarm when the ping fails
This looks like a handy little utility, Pat. Thanks for posting. :) Hope it works for our OP!