Windows 10 Need help with drives

Hi everyone,

My PC has two different hard drives inside of it and I have run out of disk space on my 1st one. I was wondering if there was a way that I could combine the two, or if there was a simple way that I could move some of my files over to the other one. Below is a screenshot of the two drives:

They are both 400 GB each and local disk (C:) is full, and as you can see it is the one that has all of my windows stuff saved into it.

Much appreciated!
Hi James! It is very simple to move files to another drive. The easiest way is to right click on the file and send it to the drive.
You may get more replies from members latter!
Here's screen shot!
Anything that is just "data" can be moved as holdum stated, anything in the other folders should be left alone. There are ways to move some of the "permanent" things such as program files and some of the windows cache such as the Installer folder. This is a bit more advanced and requires creating links which fools the OS into thinking the data is in the correct location. The built-in tool mklink can be used to do this.
Links are very handy for programs that are hard coded to look in a certain location
Hi The OP says there are two separate drives and they are both 400 GB. Not two separate partitions where the C drive can be extended.
Maybe a screen shot would help? Large external hard drives are very popular for storing data these days. They come in TB sizes and that's a lot of data!;)
Question?? Why do you need a larger C drive. I have 500GB drive I only use 40GB of that drive. All you need on the C drive is what it takes to run windows. Any thing else can go on a external drive. I have two 1TB seagate external USB hard drives for storing data.
What are you calling all the windows stuff saved to it. I really don't see where this thread is going. Why do you need so much space on your C drive?? You can send data to your other drive as shown in the above reply!
Can you be more specific about what's using all your C drive space??
Here's a good freeware App that is real easy to use. It will tell you what is using all the space on your C drive! Here's a trusted safe site to down load this app.
Download WizTree - MajorGeeks

Thank you!;)
Gary, your usage is actually kind of low by today's standards. That said James if you did an upgrade here, you probably have a very large "Windows Old" folder and if you copied out all of your files from it a delete would give you back a lot of free space on your "c" drive.
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My usage is low because I keep it that way. I could even use less hard drive space by deleting restore points and sending all my down loaded exe programs to my external seagate hard drive. Probably would be in the low 30GB used if I did that. Restore points can take up a lot of space, but then again, I know nothing about computers.;):( Yes, the Windows Old folder could be using a lot of space also if Windows up dates hasn't already deleted it after 30 days! You could delete that and gain about 20 GB of free space.
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James if you can grab du Disk Usage and run a 3 level report on your c drive and post it we might be able to tell what you can safely move and/or delete from your C:\ drive.
  • Download du.exe to any location such as your desktop
  • Open a command prompt and CD to that location for your desktop type cd %userprofile%\desktop
  • Then type the following du.exe -l 3 C:\ >> disk_usage.txt
  • Upload the text file